ManuelFerrara · Katy Jayne

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POV Pro Manuel Ferrara puts sultry Katy Jayne under the microscope in this steamy scene from "Raw #39". We open with a POV unshaved pussy shot while Katy stretches out her lips and massages her clit. Ferrara gets a wider angle then dives down to her muff so he can add to the fun. Miss Jayne volleys and swallows Manuel’s prick, she then hops aboard and wiggles her hips furiously. Manuel points her big ass at the camera so we can get an eyeful of jiggle. Katy sandwiches Ferrara’s salami between her two big boobs and gives him a titty fuck. Manuel tires her out and gets access to her asshole. Her fucks her bunghole 3 ways from Sunday then Jayne milks Manuel until he finally cums into her mouth and face.

  • published in: 24/11/2020
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