Meeting My New Anal-crazy Stepsister Karma Rx

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Starring the incredible Karma Rx; She Does Anal brings you the best girls around who love getting fucked in the ass by big cocks. Nothing better than some POV anal action to get your cock as hard as diamonds or your pussy as wet as the ocean. This is the story of Tony who’s back from university. Tony comes back to a brand new home and family. His mom remarried and is now living with her new husband and his daughter. Tony has not seen his new stepsister yet, but he’s about to find out that she’s one hell of a bombshell. Exhausted from the flight, he decides to take a nap on the couch when suddenly, a beautiful tattooed babe wearing nothing but a crop top and panties comes out of her room. You would think that she’d be embarrassed but she has nothing to hide. She’s pleased with the reaction she got from her new stepbrother. They shake hands and exchange a few words before she grabs a glass of water and goes back to her room. After sleeping for a while. He wakes up in the middle of the night with an urge to pee. He runs to the bathroom where he finds his stepsister, standing up by the shower, naked and playing with a dildo up her ass. Seeing his new stepsister fully naked, playing with her ass sends him into a flurry of apologies. The embarrassment can be heard in his voice but Karma doesn’t mind. She has no shame whatsoever. The next day, they sit together where Karma unleashes her master plan; the fact that Tony is embarrassed and shy makes her want him more and more. Claiming that they are family now and they can share everything, Karma blurts that she just loves getting fucked in the ass. Tony is about to be taught a lesson in fucking that will change him forever. What would you do if your slutty, unashamed stepsister just told you she wanted to fuck her in the ass? Don’t be shy, we’re family, you can tell me everything!

  • published in: 24/06/2022
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